She is also the only living symblol of the scarlet letter "A".

In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester and Dimmesdale are entangled in self-delusion because they are both caught up in a false interpretation of their respective sins and in an opaque vision of a better life. Hester is confused by...

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The scaffold is an important setting in the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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The society has the power and she should obey the punishment as the puritans have rights to prison her, so the strict puritan society is an important moral in the scarlet letter.

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Just as Adam and Eve were expelled from their society and suffered in their own being, so were Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale in The Scarlet Letter....

The main characters are present in these scenes and the main symbol, the scarlet letter.

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The town people, especially the women, are not happy that Hester has been sentenced only to wear a scarlet letter and to stand on a public platform for a few hours of public humiliation.

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The story begins at the end of Hester's imprisonment after her affair and through many years to her final acceptance of her place in the community as the wearer of the scarlet letter a symbol of shame....

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But once Dimmesdale arrives you could already notice Hester is happier and once she throws away the Scarlet Letter her whole life was lit up like a light bulb!

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- Editor
-Southern Methodist University
- Informative and uses many references to support view point
- Modern times
- examines both historical and recent events
- Observation and critique
- Regarding feminism and gender in our culture
- Students
- Readers of
The Scarlet Letter
-how feminism is applied to the novel in general
-definition of gender
-how feminism is related to Hester's controversial image of a woman
-"The phallic power to control and master women" (385)

-straightfoward and informative
-uses multiple examples to back up claims
-references cultural histories of feminism and definition of gender and women's studies
-questions the methods of examining gender
-asks the reader to develop their own opinion
The lack of knowledge of Dimmesdale's identity removes his gender role.
- Pearl says that she came from a rose bush
- Creates the illusion that she is of demon origin
- The authority for naming a child comes from the masculine

Outward signs of Dimmesdale's more feminine tendencies
- He is effectively "desexed" because of his feminine nature
- His gentle qualities and rhetorical ability speak to a feminine touch
Punishment Variation
- If Hester had been a man, her punishment would have been very different
- The man's punishment
- Death
- Single punishment/ only one time
- The woman's punishment (Hester)
- Kept alive
- Continuous and lifelong punishment
Pearl would have been taken from Hester had she been a boy
two choices to learn from Hester's example
in a phallic culture, they wouldn't have taken any chance on a boy being religiously corrupted
a boy could be a possible leader or minister
"Without question, she is equally in the dark as to her soul, its present depravity, and future destiny!

The Scarlet Letter is a unique story when it comes to the battle of light over darkness.

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Though it is shown throughout The Scarlet Letter that Nathaniel Hawthorne is completely against the Puritan faith, his views, other than those shown in the book, happen to be quite similar as well....

This is much the case with Hester Prynne in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

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Society does not accept the fact that Hester has committed the sin of adultery so they cast her out by making her wear a scarlet letter 'A' across her chest.

Hester is convicted to the life long bearing of a scarlet letter on her chest.

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Hester’s body goes through this sad transformation because in the 7 years that passed during the Scarlet Letter the solitude and depression just wears her down, physically and emotionally.