Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, 11.1–2.

By the time of Leviathan and De Corpore, Hobbes wasconvinced that human beings (including their minds) were entirely material.[] Later on he came to think that even God was a sort of material being(Gorham 2013, Springborg 2012). This section focuses on Hobbes’smaterialism about human beings. This was not a popular or widely-heldposition at the time. Hobbes, however, was a materialist. Why was he amaterialist?

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You misread me. One cannot credibly assess the intellectual history of Buchanan’s ideas without also recognizing that they are deeply influenced by Thomas Hobbes, and that Buchanan’s works deeply and directly engage Hobbes’ system of thought over the course of several decades of academic work.

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So one cannot discuss Buchanan at all without proving one’s thorough knowledge of Hobbes? As a larger principle, this would radically transform the writing of history, and lead to a sharp decline in publishing history boooks more generally.

However, in Thomas Hobbes Leviathan we see a departure from this inequality.

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Though the vast majority of work on Hobbes looks at his politicalphilosophy, there are general books on Hobbes that look at hisnon-political philosophy, such as Sorell 1986 and Martinich 2005. Thebest modern biography is Martinich 1999.

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Attempting to do an intellectual history of Buchanan without Hobbes is akin to trying to study Kant without Hume, or Aquinas without Aristotle. Hobbes is one of the primary political philosophers that Buchanan engages across his entire body of work. And he’s almost nowhere to be found in MacLean, even though she imports several unsavory characters who Buchanan never once even cited. To call the above an intellectual historian’s defense is a sad farce on the methods of intellectual history, and to call MacLean’s book an intellectual history is to accept a work that’s so careless in its analysis that it completely misses one of THE central influences upon Buchanan’s thinking.

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One important connection is that between Hobbes’s work andLeibniz’s. Of all the canonical philosophers in the period fromDescartes to Kant, Leibniz is probably the one who paid most attentionto Hobbes’s work, and had the most to say about differentaspects of it. Leibniz found Hobbes’s work worthy of seriousengagement, but ultimately also thought it mistaken in many ways. Onthe other hand, later empiricist philosophers, in particular Locke andHume, develop several Hobbesian themes. Indeed, one might well speakof Hobbes, not Locke, as the first of the British empiricists.

I will discuss the political ideas of Niccolo Machiavelli, Francesco Guicciardini, and Thomas Hobbes during the time of Florence Republic.

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Taken alone, the autobiography is not “proof.” Taken in conjunction with his publishing record though and the complete absence of anything that would even remotely indicate Agrarianism influenced his earlier work though, the autobiography is entirely consistent with a Hobbesian origin for the term.

This essay will explain Hobbes’ views of man’s identity in the society and will demonstrate how it was mirrored in the political structure....

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Thomas Hobbes viewed the ideal government as an absolute monarchy, due to the chaos of the state of nature in contrast, John Locke’s ideal government was a democracy due to his beliefs of the equality of men....

“My premise is that B’s use of Leviathan is a conscious long running and openly stated engagement with Hobbes. 5:10 PM – 14 Jul 2017”

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Both Hobbes and Locke are primarily known for their works concerning political philosophy, namely Hobbes’ Leviathan and Locke’s Two Treatise of Government.