of Literature and science essay;

group, individual
Link back to a way of knowing – which were involved?

How do Paradigm shifts come about?
Paradigms exist in all subjects:

A move from one commonly held view to another

Fashion, style, approach, format, revisionism
Important in TOK essays

Need to avoid Tired & Predictable examples:

Science - Flat earth to round earth
Newton’s Physics to Einstein’s physics
Creationism to Darwinism
Discuss the role of genius in your group area
Find a specific example(s).

Where did their genius come from?

Which way of knowing underpins genius?
Why are they important?

Important moments in knowledge development
Moments of human genius
a comparison facilitates links and connections
Paradigm shifts are:

Moments of change – big (religion to science) & small (revised view on issue) eg
Belief systems

Paradigm shifts are:

Belief systems
Agreed Knowledge by authority

What are paradigms?

Which Linking Word is most applicable to the paradigm shift you have identified.

This is what we can emphasise to students

Paradigm shifts result in new knowledge paradigms

NEW Belief systems
NEW Agreed Knowledge by authority
NEW Mindsets
NEW Fashions
THE IB Diploma Core:
How does TOK fit in?
How does our view of the core as IB teachers shape the way we teach our subjects?

On page 39 in your workbooks.

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International Baccalaureate - IB resources and links

They came up with a pretty good list, which I thought a lot of ToK students and teachers would appreciate having.Some of the questions fit neatly in a given subject area, while others fit in more than one subject.Are historical claims restricted by the language they use?Is all history biased?How important is the role of statistics in history?Does history show we have made ethical progress?To what extent does emotion play a role in historical interpretation?Is historical objectively possible?To what extent does historical knowledge change over time?How is knowledge about the past different from other kinds of knowledge?How does the language used to describe the past change how history is understood? (Key words: scientific method, Popper's principle of falsification, scientific revolution and paradigm shift)Is language necessary for the construction of knowledge in the natural sciences?Do scientists have ethical responsibilities?How certain is scientific knowledge?If all scientific experiments have 'uncertainty' how can we know 'truth' in science?How certain is the theory of evolution?How is knowledge in literature similar to knowledge in natural science?To what extent does knowledge in science change?Is previous knowledge more important than creativity in science?How do we know when scientific conclusions are justified?Does science allow for intuition?(Key words: determinism, free will, Hawthorne effect, nature vs.

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Once in the hot seat, the speaker will be asked questions from the workbook.
The Hot Seat Discussion
The speaker has 2 minutes to respond to the question.
The speaker can choose to pass.
Anyone can ask further questions (including the speaker's department)
We will be splitting into 2 groups.

Group One: Natural Sciences, Visual Arts, Maths, Languages and History

Group Two: Humanities, Performing Arts, Literature and IT
14:15- 14:45

How do paradigm shifts come about?

See page 26 in workbook to see an TOK explanation
(by Nick Alchin)
Session 10


James Dalziel, Stuart Jones
Geniuses often play roles in a paradigm shifts

In your group discuss a genius who made a big impact in your subjects.

Which of the WOKs was their greatest inspiration?

TOK is about using the ways of knowing to make links and connections
between areas of knowledge
Discuss the paradigm shift with another group area.

Does a common methodology emerge or different?
Does a dominant way of knowing emerge?

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