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Tolstoy began writing sketches on and, and short stories. He participated in the siegeof Sebastopol in 1854 and criticized the false heroism of soldiersin his . Tolstoy described the sufferingof a civilized man amid the spontaneous lives of the natives in, which he completed in 1862 just prior tobeginning . He studied educational methodsand started an experimental school for the local peasants. Heformulated his progressive educational theories under the influenceof Rousseau's writings and his travels in western Europe. WhenLeo was 34, he married Sonya, who bore him thirteen children andassisted him in his literary career, which in the next fifteenyears produced two of the greatest novels ever written, and .

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When he was eighty years old, Tolstoy spoke to the SwedishPeace Congress of 1909. To the millions of money and millionsof soldiers in the power of the governments making war he posedthe dilemma of the truth that killing people is murder and thattherefore war is contrary to Christian teaching. Thus he suggestedthat they draw up an appeal to all people for peace. He couldnot predict what society would be like without armies and wholesalemurders; but he believed that if people were guided by reasonand conscience instead of by threats of murder, they would beno worse off than they were under the current conditions. Thushe hoped that the truth might expose the hypocrisy of the governmentleaders.

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A year before he died, Tolstoy wrote a pamphlet called . Although he considered the socialistideal bankrupt, he referred to the "iron" law of wagesthat German socialists used to describe the current slavery ofworkers; but Tolstoy did not believe this law was immutable. Hecomplained that in Russia one-third of a peasant's income wastaken in taxes; yet only two percent of state revenue was spenton education, which is the greatest need of the people. He arguedthat the laws on land, taxes, and property caused slavery, andto improve the lives of workers these laws must be changed. Tolstoyfelt that legislation had been used as organized violence to allowsome people to oppress others. Thus he took the radical positionof suggesting that violent governments must be abolished, andthe way to do that was for the majority of people to refuse tosupply such governments soldiers and money. Thus each person shouldrefuse to serve in the military or in any part of a violent government,should not voluntarily pay taxes used for violence, and shouldnot appeal to government violence in order to protect property,possessions, or oneself and others. Tolstoy was aware that suchrefusals could lead to imprisonment, but he believed this wasthe most effective way to bring about the changes needed to liberatepeople from slavery to violent institutions.

At the close of the seven years of only non-fiction essays, Tolstoy resumed writing and publishing fictional works....

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When reading any of Tolstoy’s works the reader can tell that Tolstoy is an anarchist, and those anarchist beliefs expressed in his books have inspired many great leaders and revolutionaries, like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr....

This led Tolstoy to compose the essay, My Confession, detailing his agonizing religious and moral self-examination, published in 1882.

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In the last fifteen years of his life Tolstoy wrote numerousarticles and letters promoting the philosophy of nonviolence andthe method of civil disobedience. He expressed his gratitude toseveral American writers who especially influenced him, namely,Garrison, Parker, Emerson, Ballou, and Thoreau. He repeated thebasic principle that murder is wrong and that killing one's fellowhuman beings in any circumstances is murder. Thus the simple truthis that war and executions are murder, even though people tryto justify them. The essential solution to war is for people torealize what it really is and call it by its right name.

The book was great, but it could have said much more, and been better, if Tolstoy had said a little less....

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Tolstoy proposed that the most important changes in the lifeof humanity are not brought about by armies nor machines nor exhibitionsnor labor unions nor revolutions nor inventions but by a changein public opinion. We need only to stop lying to ourselves andrealize that strength is not in force but in truth. Oppressivegovernments fear the clear expression of thought more than anythingelse; spiritual force is free and always accessible in the depthsof human consciousness. We must learn to use the consciousnessof truth by expressing what we know is right. By expressing thetruth the new public opinion will become enlightened. This truthis found in our consciences and is given to us by God. Christgave us his peace, but it is up to us to bring it into realization.

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The more recent book follows the actual life of a sociology professor at Brandeis University while the other explores a product of Leo Tolstoy's imagination.