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Thus wonderful is the power of association which can bring together manypersons into one room and thence send them out on angelic missions into thelives of thousands who have dropped out of the recollection of the outsideworld." (Father Michael Creedon, first Spiritual Director of ConciliumLegionis Mariae.)
Legionary visitation should be used to educate the patients to at trueconception of their sufferings, that they may bear them in the proper spirit.
They must be persuaded that what they regard as so intolerable is in reality amoulding to the likeness of Christ, and as such a great favour.

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If they are consecrated a kingly priesthood and a holy nation (cf 1Pet 2:4-10), it is in order that they may in all their actions offer spiritualsacrifices and bear witness to Christ all the world over.

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Yet, if the harassed priest cannot spare even thathalf-hour; and if (as is claimed) the Legion will supply him with zealousrepresentatives: many where he is one: obedient to his every word: of soliddiscretion: as capable (with his help) as he of gaining access to individualsand families: of irresistible gifts to entice souls to higher things: affordinghim the opportunity of giving souls more than a routine service; is it fair tohis work and to himself to refuse that help?

"The Legion of Mary brings to the priest two blessings of equal value:first, an instrument of conquest which bears the authentic mark of the DivineSpirit - and I shall ask myself the question: Have I the right to neglect sucha providential weapon?

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But back to the image. I was presented with this amazing Great Bear Rainforest scene courtesy of representatives of the Gitga'at First Nations of BC - and my thanks are extended to them. Seeing any Spirit Bear is a special and amazing experience; watching one intently fishing in a scene like this - one where only a handful of humans have ever been allowed to enter - is...well...indescribable! Hopefully future generations - and the photographers from future generations - will have the opportunity to witness such a scene for themselves...

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An understanding of eternal truths is the reward of the labourof study which no man can avoid." (Gemelli: The Franciscan Message to theWorld)


As far as prudence will dictate, the legionary must aim at bringing the spiritof the Legion to bear on all the affairs of daily life, and must ever be on thealert for opportunities to promote the general object of the Legion, that is,to destroy the empire of sin, uproot its foundations, and plant on its ruinsthe standard of Christ the King.
"A man will meet you in the street and ask you for a match.

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And yet...in this day and age of supposed enlightened thinking...a small, well-heeled group thinking only of making a quick buck from exporting the toxic output of Alberta's tarsands to China have found a way to convince themselves that the risk of running massive tankers through the hazardous waters of the Great Bear Rainforest - and right by the two islands where the vast majority of Spirit Bears are found - is worth it. The only population of Spirit Bears ever found on the planet, and big oil and the existing governments of BC, Alberta, and Canada consider it expendable. Just to line their pockets, to placate their buddies and financial backers, and to keep Alberta sales-tax free. There is only one way to describe it: moral bankruptcy - and political cowardice. It defies logic.

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The rare white-phased form of the black bear - the Spirit Bear - has become a symbol of the rarity and uniqueness of a tract of rainforest on the rugged British Columbia coast that is known as the Great Bear Rainforest. There's a lot of forest left in BC, but in all of history there's only been one forest that has - along with all its inhabitants - developed in such a way so that all the conditions necessary to produce the unique life form we know as the Spirit Bear are met. When we look at a Spirit Bear we see something rarer than the bear itself - we see a situation where literally millions of years of evolution have produced a unique outcome - one not repeated anywhere else on planet earth.