MARTINO. Speak softly, sir, lest the devil hear you;
For Faustus at the court is late arriv’d,
And at his heels a thousand Furies wait,
To accomplish whatsoe’er the doctor please.

“The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus” is his best known work

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FIRST SCHOLAR. Master Doctor Faustus, since our conference
about fair ladies, which was the beautifulest in all the world,
we have determined with ourselves that Helen of Greece was the
admirablest lady that ever lived: therefore, Master Doctor, if
you will do us so much favour as to let us see that peerless
dame of Greece, whom all the world admires for majesty, we should
think ourselves much beholding unto you.

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FIRST SCHOLAR. Come, gentlemen, let us go visit Faustus,
For such a dreadful night was never seen;
Since first the world’s creation did begin,
Such fearful shrieks and cries were never heard:
Pray heaven the doctor have escap’d the danger.

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FAUSTUS. These gracious words, most royal Carolus,
Shall make poor Faustus, to his utmost power,
Both love and serve the German Emperor,
And lay his life at holy Bruno’s feet:
For proof whereof, if so your grace be pleas’d,
The doctor stands prepar’d by power of art
To cast his magic charms, that shall pierce through
The ebon gates of ever-burning hell,
And hale the stubborn Furies from their caves,
To compass whatsoe’er your grace commands.

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ROBIN. What, Dick! look to the horses there, till I come again.
I have gotten one of Doctor Faustus’ conjuring-books; and now
we’ll have such knavery as’t passes.

Christopher Marlowe based his play Doctor Faustus on stories about a scholar ..

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

Faustus The earliest documented performance of Christopher Marlowe’s was given by the Earl of Nottingham’s company, the Lord Admiral’s Men, a year after Marlowe’s death.

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FAUSTUS. O, say not so, sir! the doctor has no skill,
No art, no cunning, to present these lords,
Or bring before this royal Emperor
The mighty monarch, warlike Alexander.
If Faustus do it, you are straight resolv’d,
In bold Actaeon’s shape, to turn a stag:—
And therefore, my lord, so please your majesty,
I’ll raise a kennel of hounds shall hunt him so
As all his footmanship shall scarce prevail
To keep his carcass from their bloody fangs.—
Ho, Belimoth, Argiron, Asteroth!