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The students are 15-21, and our students recover theircredits (they have failed at their schools: ie: pregnancy, truancy, family responsibilies,etc.) Many of our kids bring a lot of personal problems with them. I think that Iwould like to do something with character education (CE) and tie it across the curriculum.

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Truancy means being absent from school without a valid reason. Students play truant for number of reasons. Most of them play truant because of negative peer influence. they follow their friends who skip school. Financial problems can also cause a student to stay away from school. This explains why students who play truant are mainly from the lower income groups. Learning problems is another cause of truancy. Students who find academic subjects difficult or boring would prefer to play truant. Some students who are addicted to drugs or alcohol will frequently be absent. The fear of bullying or harassment may also cause timid students to play truant.

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Don’t wait for niggles to become big problems before you address them with teachers. If you suspect your child of truancy, don’t turn a blind eye. And don’t cover up for your child or make excuses. Schools are now clamping down on absence. If you say that your son or daughter was ill, you’ll probably be asked for precise details about the illness (or possibly a note from your GP) to make sure their absence was genuine.

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Truancy is on the rise, and is a precursor to anti-social behavior

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My school, SMK S.T Xaviers is no exceptional school from this problem