Tradition and the Individual Talent: An Essay by T.S. Eliot

Eliot's Tradition and the Individual Talent

Poets of the present not only have an advantage, but are much smarter than those of the past because they're still alive.

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Tradition and The Individual Talent is such an essay in which, Eliot talks about ..

“Tradition and the Individual Talent,” puts forth Eliot ..

In his essay "Stetson in " Donald Childswrites that Eliot'shas allusions to Gallipolli Campaign and that they are there becauseof Verdenal. Childs supplied some material he collected on one of theearly battles of the campaign:[]

[Verdenal's military citation for heroism and self-sacrifice] probablyrefers to the aftermath of the First Battle of Krithia()on April 28th:a battle fought by the combined Allied force. The French certainlyplayed their part, advancing half a mile (no mean feat in trenchwarfare) after a day of heavy fighting. The British, Anzacs, andFrench spent the next two days straightening the line and sorting outthe confused battalions. The wounded were tended on the night of April28th, during which a storm blew in to make the loading and unloadingof ships very difficult, for the piers and jetties were still underconstruction. It was probably this battle and this weather thatprovided the context for Verdenal's heroism.On May 1st, however, theTurkish forces began an assault upon the Allies at 10 pm. Thebombardment and assault were described by one observer as "hell letloose upon earth". The French forces apparently broke under thisrelentless attack, and were overrun by the Turks until Alliedreinforcements arrived to fill the breach in the trenches. The Alliesmounted a counter-attack at 10 am on May 2nd, but by evening the Turksand Allies were back in their original trenches. In the end, theFrench "suffered over 2,000 casualties". In fact, French grave-diggerscould not bury all those who had fallen: "The French, finding theground. too hard, or perhaps the task too great, slung some bodiesover the cliffs into the swift-flowing Dardanelles". One of thecasualties, I assume, and perhaps one of those thrown into theDardanelles, was Jean Verdenal, for another entry in the latter's warrecord indicates that he was "Killed by the enemy on the 2nd May 1915in the Dardanelles".
Childs' notes are listed below.()

Eliot's tradition and the individual talent ..

Eliot's Tradition and the Individual Talent
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In his critical essay "Tradition and the Individual Talent", Eliot ..
Talent” against Ts Eliot Essay Tradition And The Individual Talent Text Tradition ..

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03/12/2015 · Video embedded · "Tradition and the Individual Talent" is an essay written by poet and literary critic T. S. Eliot. The essay was first published in …

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