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When we hear of something we do not believe we often talk about it in a sarastic manner.
After all these factors, I conclude that Shakespeare's play, '
The Twelfth Night
' is relevant to the current day.

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(Twelfth Night, 1.5.81-87)This opposition to fooling, to laughter, and to the generation of laughter by fools is contrary to the spirit of the carnivalesque.

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His Motivation
"Better a witty fool than a foolish wit." -Feste
better to be funny and dumb rather than smart and boring
perhaps Feste believed in this and even though he was smart, preferred to cover it up and act foolish instead, deceiving everyone
Viola dresses as a boy (Cesario) for most of the play; deceives everyone, particularly Olivia and Orsino
Olivia falls in love with Viola's disguise and Viola hides her love for Orsino
Sir Toby makes Sir Andrew believe that he has a chance with Olivia
Maria's letter to Malvolio that he thought was from Olivia
Feste pretends to be a priest when talking to Malvolio
purposely dresses as a boy to help Orsino and protect herself
she knows that as a woman, she knows what a woman wants and can help Orsino win over Olivia
even though Viola is in love with Orsino, she cares about him so much that she wants him to be happy and is deceiving him, ultimately, for his own happiness
Sir Toby is also clear-sighted about his motives/deception
deceives others just for the purpose of deceiving them and playing with their emotions
he makes Sir Andrew believe that he has a chance with Olivia when he knows that he doesn't
he also sent the letter to Malvolio just to get revenge because Malvolio told him to be quiet
Sir Toby
most obvious example: Viola
she disguises herself as a eunuch to conceal her true identity
being a girl and knowing what girls want to hear, she tries to get Olivia to fall in love with Orsino
to protect herself after the shipwreck, knowing she could not prove she was who she said she was
thus she knew it was safer to be a boy than a girl
also to help Duke Orsino; even though she loves him she cares about his happiness and wants to help him marry his love
Deception is a very important theme in William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night." Every single character is affected by deception in some way or another, whether they are deceiving or being deceived.

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It is Malvolio's combined conceit and severity that spur Maria and the rest of Sir Toby's company to force him to "play mas" — that is, to partake in the world of festivity, in the celebration of Twelfth Night.