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I would also recommend avoiding proverbs as well. Most proverbs are not appropriate for academic writing. Here’s an example of an inappropriate proverb in writing “all that glitters is not gold”. While the meaning might be perfect for your essay, it would be better to write “people should not be deceived by appearances because they can be deceptive” The latter sentence has a much better variety of appropriate vocabulary for a high score.

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Thanks for sharing such an important information.
i am going to take my ielts exam on 30th of this month and that’s too for the very first time. I am not even attending any coaching classes. I am just following your tips. My requirement for band score is 8 in each module. But i am worried about writing, especially task 2. Will you please upload a vedio describing each and every type of essay from introduction to conclusion. It will be a great help for me.

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No IELTS essay should be over 300 words. You should aim for between 270 and 290 words. This advice is for all students, even band score 9 students. Writing more does not give you a higher score. Rich language is only one aspect of the marking. See the band score information on the writing task 2 page to learn more.

This asks for your opinion so you just write your opinion. It is not a discussion essay.All the bestLiz

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But I have a question about personal pronouns.
Can we use personal pronouns in our essay.
For example, If I want to say, “We will get fat, if we eat too much junk food.”or should I write that as ” People will get fat, If they eat too much junk food”

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Many thanks for your good materials for IELTS study.
I would like to ask something regarding expressions in the introduction part of writing task 2.
Some recommend expressions such as “This essay agree that….., Firstly, this essay will discuss…., Secondly, it will discuss other ……..” in the introduction part.

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Hi liz, thanks for the good work. In writing task 2 essays, can I have the main ideas in the introductory paragraph while they are developed in the body paragraphs?

2) In task 2 of the writing section, do you get penalized for writing an essay that is longer than 300 words?

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Hi Liz
for the introduction of discussion essay, is it better to give an initial opinion or i can write ” in this essay I am going to examine the both points of view and then I will give my perspective”

Hii….. I gave Ielts exam and I have 4.5 band in writing so can you tell me some similar sentence for all essay in both task

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When I read other tools for writing task 2, I saw that intro paragraph should have 3 parts, general statement, referal to the viewpoint in the question and my answer to the question. When I look at the this model essay, it does not have a general statement, it directly starts with viewpoint in the question. Which one is correct?
Thank you everyone!

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Teacher,can I use Malay proverbs or idioms in my english essay

I have a question regarding essays in the academic writing task 2 and examples being used. I recently attended a workshop where the person giving the class said that we can give an example to substantiate our point, even if it is fictional it must be relevant and believable.