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There are several answers to this question. One that is primarily important is this: the photograph documents reality in an instant, using light and time to reproduce a moment, as it is perceived. This is what makes photography one of the most important methods of documentation of people, events, and feelings, both historically and in the present day.

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What to you think about documentary photography and photojournalism? Do you shoot in documentary style? Share your images below in comments.

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Granted, documentary photography does not always depict loss and despair. Realism, context, and timing are key roles that documentary photographers must always consider. Does the photograph truly represent its subject? How is this photograph a symbol of a larger issues, feelings, or events? Why is this moment significant?

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Great article, every image, street photography, documentry whatever, if its in the right context for the viewer….there is emotion than it’s will be more like documentry, i think also a lot of old photographs who will remember us how it was can fall under the defintion.

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