Jeremy Bentham founded Utilitarianism.

With the help his long-time companion , Mill became a powerful champion of lofty moral and social ideals.
's (1861)is an extended explanation of utilitarian moral theory.

It doesn’t show what is unacceptable in utilitarianism.

Utilitarianism is the greatest goodness for the greatest number of people.

Utilitarianism is focused on quantity rather than quality.

Jeremy B. and John S. Mill argue that this is the theory for morality and economics. However, there are different types of utilitarianism but am going to focus on Mill’s argument on utility.

I will first explain the arguments of the utilitarianism ideal.

Utilitarianism has been describes in different ways. Most of them have been accepted and are used to explain it. According to mills, “Utilitarianism comes from the word utility, or the existence of pleasure, that is- the absence of pain, as both the basis of everything that people desire, and as the foundation of morality.” He further argued that utilitarianism does not simply allow happiness to come to people by any moral standards! Utilitarianism for a layman is the greatest good for the greatest number.

Utilitarianism mainly focuses on the possible consequences of a decision....

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But I maintain, with the profoundest conviction, that this, and this only, is the ideal of marriage; and that all opinions, customs, and institutions which favour any other notion of it, or turn the conceptions and aspirations connected with it into any other direction, by whatever pretences they may be coloured, are relics of primitive barbarism."( 4)Although few men can presently tolerate the prospect of living in intimate association with a genuinely equal partner, Mill clearly believed it not only possible but highly desirable to do so.

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Utilitarianism focuses on the general good of the world over individual pleasure....

Utilitarianism essaysIn dealing with the question ..

Indirect action by the state designed to encourage or discourage (without requiring or restraining) individual conduct is permissible; in fact, doing so is simply good utilitarian legislation.

John Stuart Mill was an important philosopher in developing the idea of utilitarianism.

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Similarly, the second patient-actor- whose recovery from the cancer disease is adversely affected by his admission to the hospital, should be given the same drug. In this situation, administering the experimental drug to the patient alleviates him from his disease and therefore save him from the harm he would face if not treated. Although, prescribing the experimental drug to the patient infringes the rules and regulation of the hospital, it is the best and moral choice for such a scenario, as Sheng and Sheng (2004) said that there are things that somebody must do “no matter what” (194).

When facing a decision to make, utilitarianism provide us the evaluations of actions taken based upon their consequences (Sweet, 2013)....

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