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, the real (and insufficient) reason for which the professor had been fired was because of the "Roosting Chickens" he had written disparaging the victims of 9/11. Though the court awarded Churchill only $1 in damages (the minimum allowed by law), the possibility remained open that the University would be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and might have to reinstate Churchill on the faculty.

In July 2009, however, Judge Larry J.

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The original Some People Push Back essay was written one day after September 11, 2001

Professor ward churchills essay some people push back

I remember reading Ward's missive at the time, and being bothered by the "little Eichmanns" reference (for those who worked in the World Trade Center), not because I thought Churchill actually believed these folks deserved to die, but because I knew the statement would be taken out of context and used to smear not only him, but the larger left of which we are both a part. In other words, Ward was perhaps guilty of naiveté, assuming that people are far more capable of discerning nuance and irony than they really are.

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I shit you not. One of the men, fuming about the article that now has Ward facing down the barrel of a Board of Trustees looking for any reason to fire him, despite tenure, turned to the other and said: "Just when you thought we'd killed all the Indians, one pops up talkin' some shit like this, and reminds you that we didn't finish the job after all."

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Instead, he sought to explain away his serial plagiarism as harmless creative editing -- not dissimilar, according to Churchill, to the efforts of a "rewrite man" at a newspaper who edits articles as he sees fit.

In 2006 a UC Boulder academic committee confirmed that Churchill was indeed guilty of academic misconduct, including plagiarism.

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I was stunned, because just one day before, I had speculated, only half-seriously, during an interview with KPFK in Los Angeles, that this anti-Indian sentiment might lay beneath some of the vitriol aimed Ward's way. After all, the attacks on him have seemed so personal, so vicious, so much worse than even the histrionics normally leveled at white leftists like Chomsky, or Parenti, or Zinn, who said much the same thing about 9/11 after that fateful day. The bombast has seemed to include an unhealthy dose of racial resentment—absolute rage—at the notion that a person of color and an Indian no less, should dare to condemn the American empire.

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They were ruminating on the recent goings on at the University of Colorado, where Ethnic Studies professor, Ward Churchill is under siege for an article he composed back in the immediate aftermath of 9/11; an essay in which Churchill sought to explain that a nation really ought not be surprised when its policies abroad—which have resulted in the slaughter of millions of innocent civilians—cause some in those nations to "push back" and seek to exact a similar collective death upon the people of that first country.

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I should have known better than to listen in to the conversation immediately to my left, sitting as I was in the Northwest Airlines World Club, in Detroit. Unlike most of the folks who have paid their $450 for an annual membership—which entitles one to little more than some free booze, cheese, crackers and coffee, along with a comfy chair between flights—I am hardly, after all, the typical "business traveler." I usually spend my time in such places, hastily composing one or another radical screed (like this one), while waiting to fly somewhere to deliver a speech that will, in some small way, move forward the cause of social transformation.