Reign of Terror opens October 4.

The Reign of Terror was an outreach to gain rights but during this period they were taken away until the fateful day of Robespierre’s death ending the Terror.

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We need to look at the situation in France to understand why the reign of terror began.

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Because the internal threats propagated radicalism, the external threats raged and became stronger, and the methods became chaotic the Reign of Terror extended its stay in France until the death of the powerful leader Robespierre.

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1793, the first year of the Reign of Terror, Robespierre grasped on to his new power and as the revolution spun out of control the Jacobins Club established a new way to “fight enemies” by constructing a Committee of Public Safety and a Tribunal Court.

Although, the Reign of Terror was seen as a way to let the revolution live and was well supported it was not justified.

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It’s already been four long months since we’ve be able to go through a haunt. Thankfully, Reign of Terror haunt, located in Thousand Oaks, CA, is hosting special event is tomorrow night (Saturday, March 4th). Doors will be open from 7:00pm – 11:00pm. Come out and enjoy a pre-springtime night of haunt stalking.

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Reign of Terror succeeds in providing more than a good scare by giving back to the community. Because Janss Marketplace hosts the event in over 23,000 square feet of indoor space, the haunted house is able to donate proceeds from entrance fees to the Conejo Recreation and Parks District.

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On the first voyage, the natives who did not flee were exceedingly friendly and at times seemed to worship the Spaniards as heavenly beings visiting earth. The Spaniards’ reputation preceded them then, and most local natives fled before them. The fort had been built near a shipwreck, so was not an ideal harbor. The fleet sailed 75 miles away to establish a beachhead, closer to potential gold mines in the island’s mountains. Columbus picked the new site, yet the harbor was poor and there was no nearby fresh water, among other problems. That is where Columbus’s ambition became focused, and the town of Isabela (in honor of his queen) was built there. He even gave his house (one of the few stone structures built there) the ostentatious name of “the royal palace” in case the sovereigns should stay there when surveying their empire.

All proceeds from the night will be donated to Reign of Terror associate Tom Hood, who is currently battling cancer.

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Ticket prices range from $15 to $25 for general admission and $25 to $35 for express entry admission. Tickets are available for purchase now online at . The Reign of Terror ticket office will also be open starting each night, so tickets can be purchased at the event as well. Anyone in line for entrance prior to closing time each night is guaranteed entrance.

The ‘Terror’ was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and was justified by Robespierre as a necessary evil.

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The French Revolution, beginning in 1789, was a lengthy process in which the people of France took over the government and instituted a Republic (Chambers).

Reign of Terror (Thousand Oaks, CA) has updated their  with some really great news: a third attraction is coming for 2011!

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On Saturday, February 13, 2016, Reign of Terror in Thousand Oaks, CA, will be open and in full production mode for a special event benefiting Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties. The haunt will be open from 7 pm to 11 pm, and tickets run $17 (or $25 for VIP access).