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oh good – somewhere I could reply. Thank you for your excellent, objective, non-rhetorical article in the Post. I had been led via some links to seek to see what Ms. MacLean was saying in return, just to get one more perspective. A little way down there was the link to your piece, so I decided to read a little of it alongside her interview. About a paragraph or two into it I realized I needed to read you first in toto. Some quality journalism there, as well as points nailed one by one, and now I know I need not pay much attention to her. (She joins her co pop-book writer, Hillary C., whose way with truth is a reminder of how this crap gets played.) Bravo!

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The myth, which liberals like myself find tempting, is that only the right has changed

To what extent is Britain a liberal democracy

1. African Americans were citizens when Plessy v. Ferguson was decided (see the 14th amendment). The decision was certainly not empowering to them.
2. Though citizens, African Americans’ ability to exercise the franchise was restricted/suppressed. They were a constituency of citizens to whom opportunities to participate in the democratic process were systematically denied.
3. Ergo, that purportedly “democratically enacted law” was not, in fact, democratically enacted.

To what extent is Britain a liberal democracy?

These are just things I happened to notice because I was familiar with the subject matter. I thought in each case she might have been misled by a secondary source, but in each case the secondary source, if any, cited, didn’t support what she wrote.

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Both Hegel and Marx believed that the evolution of human societieswas not open-ended, but would end when mankind had achieved aform of society that satisfied its deepest and most fundamentallongings. Both thinkers thus posited an “end of history”:for Hegel this was the liberal state, while for Marx it was acommunist society. This did not mean that the natural cycle ofbirth, life, and death would end, that important events wouldno longer happen, or that newspapers reporting them would ceaseto be published. It meant, rather, that there would be no furtherprogress in the development of underlying principles and institutions,because all of the really big questions had been settled.

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The commentators, in their attempt to normalize this tragedy, will also find ways to discount the bumbling and destructive behavior of , the malign interference of Russian intelligence, the free pass—the hours of uninterrupted, unmediated coverage of his rallies—provided to Trump by cable television, particularly in the early months of his campaign. We will be asked to count on the stability of American institutions, the tendency of even the most radical politicians to rein themselves in when admitted to office. Liberals will be admonished as smug, disconnected from suffering, as if so many Democratic voters were unacquainted with poverty, struggle, and misfortune. There is no reason to believe this palaver. There is no reason to believe that Trump and his band of associates—Chris Christie, Rudolph Giuliani, Mike Pence, and, yes, Paul Ryan—are in any mood to govern as Republicans within the traditional boundaries of decency. Trump was not elected on a platform of decency, fairness, moderation, compromise, and the rule of law; he was elected, in the main, on a platform of resentment. Fascism is not our future—it cannot be; we cannot allow it to be so—but this is surely the way fascism can begin.

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It is all a dismal picture. Late last night, as the results were coming in from the last states, a friend called me full of sadness, full of anxiety about conflict, about war. Why not leave the country? But despair is no answer. To combat authoritarianism, to call out lies, to struggle honorably and fiercely in the name of American ideals—that is what is left to do. That is all there is to do.