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In your nursing courses, you'll build on your established clinical and practical experiences. The curriculum covers health assessment, global health, family and community health nursing, nursing leadership and management, nursing research, information technology, evidence-based practice, gerontology, legal and ethical issues in healthcare, and advocacy. The coursework can help prepare you to assume leadership roles in diverse and challenging settings, take on responsibility for client care, and provide exceptional evidence-based nursing care to patients.

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Becoming a mental health nurse would be a good choice because it pays very well....

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Medical Secretary prepares the student to work in the hospital as a Medical Secretary in a variety of Health related industries. Students will learn about the health care field culture and working with different departments, completing doctors orders, working with nurses, scheduling and working with Doctors and Nurses in the Health Care Industry and Electronic Health Record.
Assessment of computer knowledge and ability to type a minimum of 35 words per minute. Assessment will be held Tuesdays and Wednesdays during Computer Lab times 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm in room 102.
$75 per session + enrollment in Medical Terminology (Online) $75 per session. Students provide books.

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Successful completion of the programme prepares the graduate for future employment as a registered nurse (Adult or Mental Health). The School of Nursing’s related and well-established BSc(Hons) programme has shown high levels employability for course graduates.

Mental health education is the dissemination of reliable information about the health of the mind.

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For some people, mental health problems can be triggered by an event such as divorce, the death of someone close, birth, alcohol and drug abuse or changes in personal circumstances, including at work. Your role is to build effective relationships with people who use your services, and also with their relatives and carers. You might help one person to take their medication correctly while advising another about relevant therapies or social activities.

Established and new theories play an important and constant role in mental health counseling....

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Hi Sandra,
Thank you so much for your reply. First of all, I would like to say congratulations on your accomplishments. I appreciate you sharing your experience. Yes, it is very disheartening that there are so few scholarships for people with mental illness. It doesn’t mean that people who suffer from depression or another mental illness can’t find scholarships. It just means that they will have to follow other avenues and locate alternate resources for funding. What it says is it that society has not recognized the full value that scholarships can have for those with mental illness. I hope this changes in the near future. Good luck to you in your endeavors and thank you again for sharing with us!

Research has proved that exercise can benefit your mental health and your ability to learn.

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If you need one more reason to stop saying "mental illness," observe that sometimes our opponents can inform us about what may be an effective strategy. In 2010, the annual federally-funded Alternatives Conference that gathers up to 1,000 mental health consumers and psychiatric together to discuss peer-run projects, was politically attacked afterwards primarily because organizers from their program and publicity materials.

Psychiatric mental health nurses work in partnership with their clients to manage their mental illness.

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Mental health nursing is a demanding but rewarding career choice. Your role would be promoting and supporting a person’s recovery and enabling them to have more involvement and control over their condition.