You must build your career around whatever it is that motivates you!

Spend some time thinking about what truly motivates you in relation to your goal(s). Everyone is different. Two people with the same goal of reducing body fat percentage to

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What motivates you? Is it career growth, increased demand for your skills or even more money?

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Learning a language simply to pass an exam is learning from an extrinsic motivation. This means that the in this case is from an outside influence. After this short term goal of passing the exam is achieved, we will have no further use for the language.

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Other types of extrinsic motivation for learning a language include learning a language in order to please someone else such as a parent, partner or a , to win a prize, or to get a at work. In these instances, we are only learning to get a reaction from someone else or for more , not for any reason related to the self.

It is important to understand your personality type or what really, truly motivates you. For example;

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“The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget
motivation. Just do it. Exercise, lose weight, test
your blood sugar, or whatever. Do it without
motivation. And then, guess what? After you start
doing the thing, that’s when the motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep on doing it.”

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Which is why Segar recommends scheduling weekly check-ins with yourself, as weirdly formal as it may feel. Giving yourself a time to evaluate what's helping and what you're never excited about (just dump it!) is crucial to sticking with your goals, as is staying tuned in to what your endgame is. So if you want to start cooking more but still order Seamless every night, take stock of why you're doing it—and whether it's worth more to you than what you want.

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Rejection, in my opinion, is not an impassible wall that cannot be conquered, but a fuel that shoots adrenaline into one’s system and makes it so that failure is improbable. Having been raised in a Hispanic/Southern household, my parents, who had the outlook that not everyone is a winner and not everyone is a unique snowflake, would often tell me “tough luck” when I did not achieve my goals and told me exactly what I did wrong. Most children today do not have this, as I see most people my younger brother’s age being raised in completely different ways than I was. I achieved success not because I wanted to, but that I didn’t have the heart to let my parents down. I still hold this to be true today, and most of my endeavors are fueled by my passion of success and glory that my parents showed me not everyone can have, and through hard-work and dedication, that can be mine.

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Honest answers can help reveal what circumstances help you feel excited and enthused (another common variant of this interview question is, ",” which also tries to determine what makes an interviewee excited and fulfilled). Providing insight into the forces that motivate you at work can be a window into your personality and style, helping your interviewers get a sense of you as both a person, and how you'd be as their employee.

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Embracing a healthy, active lifestyle is much harder than the alternative. It takes dedication, preparation and, most importantly, motivation. When you are truly motivated to do something, you're much more likely to actually achieve it.

some tips on how to answer the difficult “What motivates you?” interview question.

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So what about the soft parts like feelings, love and passion? They are also very important to me but it is harder for me to measure and because of that they do not have the same motivating factor that money has. But they do play a huge part because if I’m not feeling good it’s hard for me to bring the best possible value to others.