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A self-contained story and redeeming stand-alone film for one of Marvel’s most appealing superheroes, The Wolverine is unique within its genre, at least until the by-the-numbers climax. Nevertheless, sending your hero to the Far East to battle ninjas and the Yakuza instead of hordes of mutant super-villains is a brave choice, and the payoffs here are aplenty. As star and co-producer, Jackman proves there’s no one better suited; he’s also looking more trimmed and vascular than he ever has in the role. Fortunately, the script allows this talented actor to do more than stand there and flex between scenes of slashing. By the mid-credits scene that sets up next summer’s highly anticipated X-Men: Days of Future Past, audiences will feel transported back to 2003, when Bryan Singer had just released X2: X-Men United and filled both audiences and critics with a hunger for more—much more—of the complicated, socially relevant, and ever-expanding X-Universe. The Wolverine puts the franchise back on the right track. Here’s hoping it stays there.

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Though not the emotionally satisfying experience many of us hoped for, the result is kind of fun, in a watch-only-if-you-don’t-care way. Maybe ten or fifteen years from now, some serious-minded director will relaunch X-Men or Wolverine or both, imbuing them with the desired dramatic sensibilities that the reinvention of Batman Begins had over its franchise’s predecessors.

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Likely the combination of sub-par script, misguided studio interference, and little inclination to be true to the source material generated this disappointing final product.Fortunately, just like the other X-Men films, the lack of consistency and high drama doesn’t influence its capacity for providing popcorn-munching superhero escapism—undeniable is the sheer mindless entertainment value of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

But it’s doubtful they would ever find another actor to portray Wolverine with half the quintessence of Jackman.
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