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Dear Liz,
I used to write an essay in ilets test by using American English. When I was in USA I got 6, but in my home country I got 5.5 even I have tried many times. Is writing by American or British English will affect my score?.

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Easy Steps to Write a Position Paper

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Your write your opinion in the thesis statement. If you want to write “I partially agree with this statement” it is ok but you will get a higher score by avoiding general statements and actually stating your position clearly with a direct opinion.

Task 2. A positive or negative opinion essay aboutThe recent building of offices and school in an open- space design.

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Then it is a very strange thing for an ex-examiner to say because no other examiner would agree at all and examiners are trained to make sure that the Task has been fulfilled depending on instructions. Presenting a clear position which is your own opinion is critical to getting a high score in Task Response in an opinion essay. If it asks “do you think…” or “do you agree..” – you must answer directly with what you think – with your opinion.

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I’m so confused now. My IELTS teacher (she used to be an IELTS examiner) told me there should not be any personal pronounce in opinion essay, especially if I’m aiming for high score in writing.