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Students in the major undertake a one- or two-term senior essay that involves use of materials in one or more modern Middle Eastern languages. The student selects a faculty adviser with competence in an appropriate language. A prospectus and outline signed by the adviser must be submitted to the DUS by the end of the fourth week of classes in either term of the senior year. Senior essays are graded by the adviser and a second reader. See the course descriptions of the senior essay courses (MMES 491, 492, 493) for additional information. Alternatively, majors may take an additional seminar and write an essay in that course to fulfill the senior requirement.

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The writer begins with an introduction that establishes the argument and its importance.

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New York: Harcourt Brace and Jovanovich, Inc., 1982.This book offers students step by step assistance in all aspects of writing essays about literature.Homer.

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In the narrative portion, the writer summarizes background information and provides any other information needed for the reader to understand where and why this issue has come about. The next step is the confirmation that lays out all the evidence and claims that support the main themes and ideas.

Next, the refutation and concession where the writer lets the reader know there are opposing viewpoints.
While teaching this curriculum unit, lessons should include background information as well as reading and writing activities.

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A beginning course with intensive training and practice in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Initial emphasis is on the spoken language and conversation. Credit only on completion of .

Indeed, the mystery story is an ideal vehicle to encourage wide reading and to develop writing skills.

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Deeper exploration of these rhetorical devices reveals for students a larger set of tools for their own writing, which greatly increase their abilities to create a well-reasoned and well-written statement. Such an exploration, though initially daunting, leads to identification, and definition of a greater variety of rhetorical methods. In many cases the students will be familiar with the method, but not with its definition, or the variety of ways in which the method can be used. In some cases the students will be exposed to a completely new means (to them) of crafting an effective argument. In all cases even the most seasoned essayist in the class will have opportunity to add to their understanding of the craft.

Lastly, the students will write a persuasive essay and will consider audience, word choice and technique.

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Development of fluency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing, using Web-based materials filmed in South Africa. Students describe and narrate spoken and written paragraphs. Review of morphology; concentration on tense and aspect. Materials are drawn from contemporary popular culture, folklore, and mass media. After .